Electronic Manufacturing Supply Chain Partner

BitBox enjoys being the Electronic Manufacturing Supply Chain partner to many organisations. 

If you face the challenges of delivering a consumer-ready electronics product that will meet their life-expectancy, maintainability and cost expectations, we would like to introduce our Supply Chain offering. Based on our experience in manufacturing thousands of products over the years, our team is ready to take on your product lifecycle from initial design and development through to manufacture and sales distribution.

We value partnerships that benefit both parties; our approach to Supply Chain is no exception. Our team, from the electronics and software engineers, to manufacturers, assemblers and inspectors are all committed to delivering quality through their professional service. This ensures that you get the product that your end-users dsesire and we make solutions that we are proud of. 

We partner with you on product design, ensuring that your product uses the most appropriate embedded platform available to last the lifetime of your product; on product development, to get the device right first time; the manufacturing, to ensure that we can manufacture future batches to the same high standard; the box build to ensure that your customers only experience delight when they receivce your product; and test, to make sure that every product represents what your name stands for. 

BitBox employs up-to-date MRP systems. Doing so means that we can pass on to you reliable, quality and on-time products; our aim is to manufacture to fulfill your customer demands in the most cost-effective way. 

Our electronics manufacturing team configures and schedules our automated PCB assembly components sourcing and surface mount assembly line systems to match demand patterns. This approach ensures that we are readily able to adapt to the demands of your customers.


We understand the Supply Chain market and the considerations that you need to make in chosing a company to partner with. We take pride in our supply chain service that helped Pet-ID repatriate their leading pet tagging scanner after the retailer began to strugle with the quality of the product in subsequent manufacturing runs. Read more in our Case Study.

If you are tackling your supply chain right now, we would love to chat through what your expectations are of a partner are and see if the Customer Team's service can meet them. The more we understand about your business objectives, the better service configuration we can suggest.